Free Courses from Great Learning for Professionals

If you’re looking for the best professional skill development courses to expand your horizons professionally – then, Great Learning free courses are exactly what you need.

Great Learning is an online upskilling and reskilling website that allows professionals to enhance their skills and earn certificates that can help them progress in their careers. Both freshers and experienced professionals can choose from more than 1000s of free courses. BYJU’S has now acquired Great Learning to create better learning products to help more professionals and students upgrade their skills.

Continue reading to find out how you can learn in-demand skills relevant to your profession for free.

About BYJU’S Great Learning Free Courses

Great Learning free courses can help professionals from different sectors upskill and propel their careers. This platform provides courses for domains such as IT & Software, Data Science, Cloud Computing, and many others.

The free courses offered by Great Learning does not involve any hidden charges and it allows students to get a proper understanding of the basics. However, their premium courses consist of more resources than the free ones.

Features of Free Certification Courses by BYJU’S Great Learning

Great Learning free courses consist of live sessions hosted by experienced professionals and top-notch faculty where students can clarify doubts and learn skills that are relevant to the industry. The coursework requires candidates to work on real-world projects; this hands-on experience allows them to master certain skills at their own pace as these courses do not have a fixed duration for completion. Students even earn a completion certificate at the end of the course.

Great Learning free courses

Popular courses offered by Great Learning

One of Great Learning’s free courses that have created a buzz, owing to its quality includes the Java Programming course for beginners. This course allows students to learn the basics of Java Programming and get them started for advanced learning in this domain.

For those students who are looking for a course that can help them learn how to use Excel as a beginner, Great Learning has the perfect course, testified by the ratings obtained by more than 12,000 learners.

Cloud Foundations, which is another free certification course allows students to learn the basics of Cloud Computing. Data Science foundations, and SQL Basics. Many other Great Learning free courses are available for IT professionals. Great Learning aims to expand further by offering resources that are useful for competitive exams, upskilling and early learning.


The acquisition of Great Learning by BYJU’S will allow more students to access Great Learning free courses. Better access to free beginner courses for freshers and experienced professionals will lead to a better workforce that is capable of bringing innovation to different domains. These learners will find it easier to advance their careers. For more information on BYJU’S Great Learning free courses, visit their website.


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