Benefits of Storytelling

The thing that lures us, humans, the most is stories. We all have stories within us and thoroughly enjoy being told stories. In some way or the other, we are all storytellers and storytelling plays a major role in our life. Children love stories. Besides improving their communication and literacy, storytelling also aids their emotional and cognitive development. This is precisely why sparking a passion for reading and enjoying the art of storytelling from a young age is imperative for children.

Through the world of storytelling, kids are instinctively introduced to the wonderful and magical world of ideas, creatures, places, and experiences they haven’t encountered before. Besides being a great bonding activity, through storytelling, children are able to learn more about life, the world, and themselves. Here are some of the amazing benefits of storytelling and why it must be practiced regularly

Enhances communication, imagination, and curiosity

Reading to children increases their willingness to express their thoughts, emotions, and communicate effectively.  One of the best ways to develop their imagination is to ask them to talk about the plot, characters and add in their own suggestions during storytelling. This adds to their communication skills and also builds their confidence.

Boosts their listening skills

Children often have a very short attention span. Through the art of storytelling, one can easily hold their attention for a longer duration and help them become more attentive. During a story session, they are always eager to know more and end up listening more carefully. This also helps improve their concentration.

Helps instill better virtues

The best part about stories is that they always carry a message and meaning. All of us love listening to stories and when adequate time is invested in storytelling, it helps instill virtues that kids carry with them as they grow. Through stories, one can easily narrate stories about characters whose values kids can emulate and imbibe; stories about sharing, kindness, strength, honesty, wisdom, compassion, etc.

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Improves their social skills

When kids listen to stories, they are more attentive, their communication gets better and they learn quicker. It widens their thought process and they also learn to be more patient as they listen to others speak. Storytelling also helps them pay attention to other people’s thoughts and understand better, improving their overall social skills.

Improves their cultural understanding and sharpens their memory

Storytelling involves a two-way communication process that helps children in recalling details of the story. They are often asked questions to see what all information they have retained. It is one of the most fun and engaging ways of helping kids improve their memory and even sharpen their thinking skills.  Telling children stories about people, places, different cultures open up their thoughts about the world around them and helps enhance their cultural understanding.

Storytelling for Children by BYJU’s

To captivate the interest of your little one, BYJU’s bring you some of the best moral stories for kids, which are easily downloadable. You can read out these moral stories with pictures to your child while spending quality time with him/her.

Storytelling indeed provides children with a new window to the world and helps them develop social, emotional, and creative skills.  It is a skill that must be practiced regularly with children to enhance their overall development.

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