Where to buy cheap used cars in Mumbai?

Financially, buying a used car is a good decision for those with limited budgets to meet their personal mobility needs. In Mumbai, you can find many certified and non-certified used car sellers that offer cheap used cars in good condition. Here are some places where you can find the best and most value-for-money used cars in Mumbai.

Private Sellers

Purchasing a used car in Mumbai from a known person is a good decision because you can get the right value for your money. Being acquainted with the seller not only creates a trust factor but also allows you to negotiate the price and test the car out for a few more days. You can reach out to these private sellers through advertisements in newspapers, websites, and Facebook groups. But before making the final purchase it’s best to thoroughly check through all the details be it, about the car or regarding its papers. 

Franchised Pre-owned Dealer

Franchised pre-owned dealers like Maruti Suzuki True Value and Mahindra First Choice are other options for buying used cars in Mumbai. When you buy from a certified dealer, there are many benefits – you get the specific make and model you want from a trusted brand, professionally inspected cars, ease of paperwork, warranties in some of them, and more.

Online Used Car Platforms

The presence of many reliable, transparent, and trustworthy online used car platforms has simplified the entire process of buying pre-owned cars in Mumbai. These online used car platforms offer pre-owned cars at reasonable and competitive prices. One such example is CARS24. You can easily book a car of your choice on their website, virtually inspect the vehicle, and get it delivered to your home. The pre-owned cars are refurbished by experts and face a rigorous 140+ point inspection to provide a car that looks as good as new. All the information about the cars is listed on their website for transparency. With a 7-day trial option, you can ride the car to get a hands-on experience and return it within a week, if not satisfied. On top of it, all the used cars come with a 6-month warranty, safeguarding you from unforeseen repair and maintenance costs. The entire process of RC transfer is also taken care of by CARS24 for a hassle-free transaction.

Online Used Car Platforms

Local Used Car Dealers

Local used car dealers in Mumbai also have a range of cheap used cars. For fetching the best price, your negotiation skills will play an important role. The quality offered by local used car dealers is usually different from those offered by certified dealers, as they do not spend much on reconditioning their vehicles. So, if a few scratches here and there do not bother you, you can crack a good deal buying from your local dealer. A mechanic might be able to help you choose a good car.

Buying a used car in Mumbai is no longer complicated with such a plethora of options to choose from.

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