Quick Getaway on Bangalore-Mysore Highway- The Twin Rocks of Ramanagara

Thimmappana betta also popularly known as the twin rocks is located in Ramanagara, Karnataka

It is one of the best places for a short weekend ride for ride enthusiasts where they can experience a different kind of vibe while traveling through village roads surrounded by huge trees with curves, and also riding on the highway gives you the best experience of riding. The best way to travel to this beautiful destination is to take the Bangalore-Mysore highway; the place is approximately 60 km from Bangalore.

This is the village where Ramesh Sippy’s epic film starring Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, and Hema Malini’s “Sholay” was filmed.  You might recollect “Kitne Aadmi The”

I explored this place with my friends recently.  When we reached the destination, we were stunned by the beautiful view, and the twin rocks were a treat to our eyes (two big stones standing parallel facing each other without any support).This is a perfect destination to get peace of mind and relax with your loved ones. Bike enthusiasts can take their bikes to the top of the hill for some amazing pictures with the view.


People often visit this place to see the sunset, where the sun will disappear between the hills and gives a wonderful view to the visitors. The road leads you to the top, which makes it easy to travel without any trekking. If people want to do a small trek and then enjoy the view, they can use the alternative route from the village nearby where it directly leads to the top and the distance covered will be approximately 4-5 kms.

Food, Snacks & Water

While visiting keep a few things in mind, you do not get any kind of food, water, snacks on top of the hill but you can purchase things from the villager’s shop at the base of the hill, you can also buy it from the shops which are located on Bangalore – Mysore highway.

Please Do Not Litter

To all the visitors who are visiting this fabulous destination in the future, the only thing I would like to tell is, do not throw all your plastic covers, plastic bottles and other non-essential things on top of the hill as the place is already messed up with plastics and a lot of alcohol bottles.

DO THIS-You Will Feel Real Good

While visiting any such nature getaways, trekking places, forests, etc… I and my friends, each one of us carries a big sack and collect all the plastic and non-essential items which harm nature and dump it in a nearby dustbin. Well, we cannot collect all the waste in one day but at least we try to pick as much as possible. If all of you can join hands and take up this initiative when you’re visiting places, we can all make the earth a better place for the future generation. #bangaloregetaways #thimmappanabeta #donotlitter

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