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All of us have dreams, don’t we? But only a few people know how to achieve them, while the rest of them are busy trying to figure it out. After all, what are dreams? How do they come? How to deal with them? Well, I’m just expressing my point of view and each one of us will have a different kind of approach to accomplish our dreams.

All of our dreams will come true if we have the courage to pursue them

Walt Disney

Motivation is the key factor!

We all dream, but many a times we don’t know what to comprehend out of them. We all know our abilities and what kind of dreams we have. Dreams can be of two kinds, i.e., the good and the bad ones, but one should always know which one to fulfill and which one to destroy. Motivation plays an important role in fulfilling your dreams; the right kind of motivation will give you all the strength to achieve what you wish to.

Surround Yourself with people who inspire you and bring out the best of you.

Right kind of people!

There will be many difficulties while fulfilling your dreams.  While a few give up and become content with what they have, few keep themselves motivated towards their dreams. Converse with those who help you achieve your dreams but not with the ones who try to destroy them. Having the right kind of people around you will help you in achieving your dreams. You may dream and still end up not knowing how to achieve, but the right people around you will always lead the way to your dreams and help in your journey.


A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work

Collin Powell

Right kind of Mindset!

Distractions are the enemy of your dreams.  Few end up becoming victims of distraction; however, there are few who become hunters. All this depends on your mindset and the right kind of motivation you have to achieve your dreams.

Manavi Kapur

Manavi is a fun-loving, tech-savvy, lady of the media and you better believe us when we tell you that she can sing! Needless to say, she has done all that with aplomb because some of her articles are highly cited in this niche.

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