Why BYJU’S is the Best Place to Learn?

OnePoll recently conducted an online survey including 2000 parents having children in the age group of 5-14 years. The survey highlights parents’ point of view towards learning at-home using EdTech, BYJU’S in particular. The following are the statistics from the survey.

The Report Says BYJU’S is the Best Place to Learn

  • 78% of parents believe that advances in child psychology and technology have improved the way how children learn. BYJU’S uses technology and child psychology to make learning more fun, interactive, personalized and visually appealing.
  • 33% of parents believe that technology enables kids to learn at their own pace. BYJU’S does not follow a one-size fits all approach. Each learning program is tailor‑made to adapt to every student’s learning style and learning pace.
  • About 80% of the parents believe that children are more interested in learning when lessons involve entertaining characters from their favorite movies/cartoons. Disney.BYJU’s Early Learn, a special offering for K-3 (kindergarten to grade 3) students, makes use of Disney’s evergreen cartoon characters to make learning fun and interactive for kids.
  • 45% of parents do not oppose the idea of using games to help children enjoy learning. BYJU’S is known for integrating movie-like videos and game‑like interaction into all of its learning programs.

Other advantages of learning from BYJU’S are:

  • Improvement in digital literacy: EdTech apps like BYJU’S automatically enable kids to learn how to use technology and the internet. It is one of the fundamental skills in the 21st century.
  • Increased student engagement: The integration of technology to existing curriculum can change the way how kids learn. It makes learning fun for students and reduces the work load on teachers.
  • Saves Time: Kids need not spend a lot of time travelling to classes/tuitions. BYJU’S brings the classroom to your home
  • Efficient Data Management: BYJU’S gives an insight on the skills students have mastered, their favorite subject, their least favorite subject, and things they need to work on.
  • Two Teacher Advantage: When you opt for programs like BYJU’S classes, you also get the advantage of learning from two teachers; an expert teacher who teaches the subject and an assistant teacher who interacts with the student, clears doubts, collects feedback and marks the assignment.
Why is BYJU’S Acquiring So Many Companies

Do you think EdTech Apps like BYJU’S is the best place to learn for kids? Let us know in the comment section below.

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