What Is BYJU’S Future School?

Education for kids has come quiet far from simple textbook learning. The newly-launched BYJU’S Future School is a prime example of how technology can inspire children to fall in love with education.

BYJU’S, the #1 ed-tech platform in India has already set a new benchmark for learning with their app-based, in-depth coaching for students of all age groups. Hundreds and thousands of IIT-JEE/NEET candidates choose BYJU’S for their test preparations every year.

If you’re searching for the best-in-class learning aid at an affordable price point for your kids, this platform is just what you need. Continue reading to find out why:

About BYJU’S Future School

The BYJU’S Future School with their best-in-class 1:1 learning model – was created to help teach kids about technology, coding, etc., at a very early age. The course is designed by some of the leading experts in India to nurture a kid’s creative thinking, logic, sequencing, and algorithmic thinking. Also, the coding class at BYJU’S, enables kids to develop amazing mobile/PC applications while learning the fundamental concepts.

Young adults can also take up all-inclusive music courses conducted by some of the top-ranked professionals at BYJU’S Future School.

The BYJU’S Future School Syllabus – Everything You Need To Know

The course curriculum includes pre-recorded video classes; so that your child never misses out on any important lessons. Students can even customize their class schedules as per their convenience and take as many revision classes as needed to understand the concepts clearly. Also, their real-time feedback system helps parents in understanding their child’s progress and scope of improvement. The BYJU’S Future School enables your kids to actively learn about a myriad of subjects like:

Space Exploration Program

Why limit your kids’ learning to boring school chapters? The Space Explorer program, led by Donal G. James (Former NASA Associate Administrator), aims to prepare kids to shoot for the stars – literally. Students are taught about our solar system, with the help of real-time satellite data and allowed to participate in various world events.


You can enhance your little engineer’s computational skills with BYJU’s coding lessons. The course trains kids to learn coding, problem-solving, and to build next-gen applications. Also, the best applications will get a chance to be featured on BYJU’S Future School official website.


The course implements a 1:1 learning model to teach kids about mathematical concepts. Their interactive teaching methods make learning about concepts a lot more fun and engaging, which guarantees  to make your kid fall in love with learning.


According to Karan Bajaj, CEO, “BYJU’S Future School initiative aims at encouraging active learning. Its a place where children can enjoy a blend of interactive, real-time instructional learning and core curriculum.” It’s a platform that has taken education to another level with its amazing learning model.

Click here to check out their course fees and other details.


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