The Future of BYJU’S and The Future of EdTech in India

One thing is certain, the future of BYJU’S and other EdTech companies in India seem bright. The pandemic helped EdTech firms overcome the biggest challenge of bringing online learning in the mainstream. Since then, EdTech companies have gained a spontaneous momentum. As per recent reports, India’s EdTech market is expected to reach $30 billion in the next 10 years.

Globally, EdTech companies have been continuously innovating learning platforms and products and yet, they have barely scratched the surface. The future of BYJU’S and other learning platforms will depend on how well the EdTech sector can democratize education, make it more personalized, and be cost-effective, among others.

BYJU’S Future Prospects

According to BYJU’S Chief product officer, Ranjith Radhakrishnan, global EdTech platforms are all set to rapidly evolve in the following areas:

  • Uber Personalization: The future of education is powered by data, data, and more data. Machine Learning and AI systems will personalize pedagogy and cater to a student’s individual learning needs.  This combined with dedicated BYJU’s teachers assigned to each student will vastly improve learning outcomes.  One‑size‑fits‑all model of education will be a thing of the past.
  • Learning Content will Evolve: According to Ranjith, arts (music, dance, craft, painting, etc.) will play a more significant role in education. Virtual reality and augmented reality will help students immerse themselves into experiential, visual and simulated-learning experiences.
  • Rise of Blended Learning Formats: BYJU’S founder and CEO, Byju Raveendran says that schools should not completely go online because a school’s corridors and the playground teach many important life skills like empathy and teamwork. The future belongs to blended learning formats, which combines the rigor and discipline of a live class with the flexibility and learning techniques of an online class.
  • The New Normal: The future of BYJU’S is towards defining a new normal of education. As software and content evolve, naturally the learning devices will evolve side-by-side. One such example is the Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn Kit  and its digitally enabled worksheets, which allow kids to ‘learn‑by‑doing’. BYJU’S itself has evolved from videos to adaptive learning, to interactive and game‑based learning, and then to hands-on learning. The future of BYJU’S might very well be experiential learning.

With so many opportunities abound and technology acting as a catalyst, the next couple of decades will determine the future of BYJU’S and other EdTech companies. What do you feel is the future of EdTech in India?

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