Reasons to Choose BYJU’S GMAT Preparation Course

GMAT — Graduate Management Admissions Test is a significant entrance exam for Masters in Business Administration — MBA programs worldwide. In association with CareerLabs, India’s ed-tech giant BYJU’S offers GMAT preparation courses. BYJU’S GMAT Preparation Course will prepare you for the test and provide you with the needed tools.

This test assesses critical and analytical thinking capabilities through Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), Quantitative Aptitude, and Verbal Reasoning subjects. If you pass this test, you can apply to all international B-schools. Despite the immense value this course provides, many people don’t know about it. Therefore, in the following sections of this post, you’ll learn about the features, benefits, and more about BYJU’S GMAT services by CareersLabs. So, let’s dive in.

Benefits of BYJU’S GMAT Preparation Course

As a student, there are various benefits of BYJU’S GMAT Preparation Course by CareersLabs. Some of them include:

  • You get into top B-schools: A BYJU’S GMAT score is vital if you plan on getting into a top B-school. Furthermore, since B-schools have rigorous curriculums, your GMAT score helps determine whether you will handle it. 
  • You receive scholarships: A scholarship can help you pursue your MBA degree without feeling the strain of financial obligations. A good BYJU’S GMAT Preparation Course by CareersLabs score can help you land a scholarship despite the intense competition. 
  • MBA graduates get good salaries and placements: GMAT scores aren’t just essential to getting into a prestigious college. It further contributes significantly to your salary and job placement post-MBA.
  • Enhance your communication skills: GMAT questions are based on practical business situations and test your verbal, quantitative, analytic, and reasoning skills.

Features of BYJU’s GMAT Services 

BYJU’S GMAT Preparation Course by CareersLabs comprises two phases:

Phase I — GMAT Content

It comprises the following features:

  • A comprehensive 150-hour GMAT preparation course. 
  • A 60-hour session dedicated to GMAT basics that refreshes your exam knowledge. 
  • Over 3500 practice questions, ranging from basic to advanced.

Phase II — GMAT Live Online Webinars

  • 40-hour live online webinars cover over 700 levels of practice questions. 
  • A monthly schedule of 20 2-hour sessions. 
  • Subject matter experts and certified mentors teach classes.

Free GMAT Resources 

The Careerlabs website also has some free resources that can enhance your learning experience, including:

Reading Comprehension

It’s a free comprehension resource by Saikran. It’ll help you understand the meaning of what you read. The intricacy of the text or the sophistication of the vocabulary determines comprehension. Understanding reading comprehension requires inferring underlying assumptions and inferences.

Sentence Corrections

It is not easy to answer a GMAT sentence correction question. The test does not require reading the answer and choosing the solution that “sounds” best. The test examines your command of grammar. You, therefore, need a systematic approach from BYJU’S GMAT Preparation Course by CareersLabs, which provides free sentence correction resources by Santosh PN.


BYJU’S is India’s ed-tech giant that helps students prepare for various examinations. In association with CareersLabs, it offers GMAT preparation courses. With proper preparation and resources, you can ace the BYJU’S GMAT Preparation Course by CareersLabs. You can take CareerLabs GMAT for a stress-free and convenient GMAT journey and get the GMAT score that will help you secure admission to the B-school of your choice, amongst other benefits. 

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