#LearnunlearnRelearn Film: A Teacher’s Resilience in the Transition to Online Learning

India’s most loved school learning app, BYJU’S, created a special Teachers’ Day video #LearnunlearnRelearn to honor, celebrate, and thank all of their country’s teachers. While most students have technological devices nowadays, it’s ironic that these teachers are struggling and are trying to teach themselves in the modern-day.

Relearning their passion for teaching will require them to unlearn the older ways of instructing and use technology they have never used before. Even when they face challenges, they continue to learn.

#LearnUnlearnRelearn Film: The Plot

The #LearnUnlearnRelearn film focuses on an everlasting bond that exists between educators and students and illustrates that regardless of one’s age, one can continue learning wherever they are. A key theme in the film is that teachers have remained steadfast in their roles as educators and mentors despite personal upheavals and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to guarantee uninterrupted learning for students. 

This film, produced by BYJU’s in-house film production team, depicts the struggles of a middle-aged teacher with the online teaching system. In one of his melancholy moods, the teacher resigns after the government lifts lockdown restrictions but continues online education.

However, a chance run-in with a former student, now a doctor on the front lines of the epidemic, makes him reconsider. Because of the teacher’s newfound drive, he attempts to learn how to teach online. In response to an old student’s timely phone call, he convinces him to fulfill his duty as a teacher and share his knowledge and experience with students.

Lessons We Can Learn About BYJU’S Teachers from the Film

This film celebrates the selfless spirit of BYJU’S teachers, their endurance, and their perseverance, which have left a lasting impression on many people. It celebrates Indian teachers who adapted to the online teaching method following the Covid-19 pandemic that led to the closure of many schools.

How could one have imagined that a virus would forever alter the world as we know it? The pandemic affected us on so many levels overnight, and teachers were among those most affected by the pandemic! Online businesses, working from home offices, and online education became the new standard, as companies adapted to the new normal.

These teachers not only imparted the gift of education with relentless passion, but they also shaped characters and instilled the correct values, turning their students into better individuals through their diligent pursuit of excellence.

BYJU’S Statement on #LearnUnlearnRelearn Film

BYJU’S VP-Brands and Creative Strategy, Vineet Singh, explains that they cannot overstate the importance of a teacher in terms of the role they play. They’ve been guiding forces shaping futures for generations and encouraging students to realize their true potential.

It was not until the pandemic that people realized their significance. Teacher perseverance and adoption of new learning methods have maintained students and their education as the central focus of their efforts despite challenging circumstances. He thanked all teachers for making sure learning never stops throughout the country.


This film acknowledges the perseverance of teachers who are unwilling to give up on their passion for teaching and are determined to unlearn older ways of teaching.

To all the teachers who make the world move and grow every day, who help and nudge children to keep learning, this short film is a tribute to their commitment to #LearnUnlearnRelearn.

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