Know all About BYJU’S Home Tuition in Jaipur

Planned by Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, Jaipur holds the distinction of being the first planned city of India.   However, the city has grown like the rest of India, and commuting and traffic are challenging during peak hours.

In an education system where success is only determined by how well you score in your year-end exams, many Indian parents strongly believe tuitions make all the difference.  In Jaipur, while there are many offline tuitions, apart from the quality of teaching, the logistics of dropping and picking up the child from tuition can be overwhelming.

BYJU’S Home Tuition in Jaipur ensures each student gets personalized attention and immersive learning opportunity from the comfort of their homes. The traditional tuition is unable to meet the expectations of students as they adopt more of a passive teaching method.  Just with a basic internet connection and a computer/laptop or smartphone, BYJU’S Home Tuition in Jaipur could help in saving time, and energy, and offers the best of both offline and online learning to the student.

Home Tuition In Jaipur
Home Tuition In Jaipur

Features of Home Tuition In Jaipur

  • Learning with the help of two teachers; one teacher would teach the concepts while the other teacher would help in doubt-solving and makes the class interactive and engaging
  • Learn through visualization and storytelling
  • Interactive video lessons
  • Unlimited practice and revision
  • Monthly subjective and objective tests
  • Monthly report card
  • Mentor feedback and guidance
  • Frequent parent-teacher meetings are conducted to update the performance of student

Benefits of Home Tuition In Jaipur

  • Students can interact and discuss with the teacher regarding the doubts/ portions, etc. from the comfort of their homes.
  • Lessons could be customized to match the student requirements. This would help in understanding the weak portion of the student and could provide special attention in those areas
  • It helps boost the skills of students and improve their overall performance
  • A teacher could easily assess the learning ability, growth, and performance of the student which would strengthen their capacity to complete the assigned task within a specific time frame
  • Online tuition could be very effective to provide support and attention to students while preparing for school tests and exams. It helps improve exam scores and grades by focusing more on problem areas.

Conclusion – About BYJU’S 

BYJU’s is India’s #1 Edtech company with more than 100 million registered students and 6.5 million annual paid subscriptions.  BYJU’S offers online home tuitions to students at a reasonable price when compared to the coaching institutes. Tempted to try out BYJU’S? Enroll for BYJU’S classes now and attend one-month trial classes for free!

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