How BYJU’S Uses Data?

The latest edition of the World Bank’s World Development Report 2021: Data for Better Lives”, highlights how the Indian EdTech leader BYJU’S is using data to improve the learning outcomes.

The report mentions how BYJU’S is offering tailor-made educational solutions to students by using data analytics to identify their learning behaviors.

Does BYJU’S Really Use Data to Provide Personalized Learning?

Yes, BYJU’S uses ML (Machine Learning) to understand every students’ learning patterns, then AI (artificial intelligence) takes over and suggests learning materials and corrective measures if needed.

Case 1:
For example, if two students Ramesh and Suresh are studying the same chapter and they finish watching the first video lesson, BYJU’S AI prompts both of them to take a test. If Ramesh answers the first question correctly, but Suresh doesn’t, BYJU’S app suggests Suresh watch the video again and suggests measures to correct his mistake. On the other hand, Ramesh proceeds to the second video.
The BYJU’S app posts adaptive questions to students, meaning the first question will be easy and simple, and the complexity of the questions will increase as the students progress through the course. The app analyses the strengths and weaknesses of each student and ask questions accordingly.

Case 2:
BYJU’S app recommends the ideal pattern for students to follow. Consider another example, if a student is studying Chemistry-acids and bases, the ideal pattern to follow would be to understand: the meaning of acids and bases → the properties of acids, and bases → reactions of acids and bases with other elements → the pH scale→ uses of acids and bases→ hazards.
If a student skips a topic or has difficulty in understanding a topic, the BYJU’S AI recommends the student to go through more learning content such as videos, quizzes, and flashcards to ensure (s)he has mastered the concept. If that doesn’t work, students can approach their mentor at BYJU’S.

BYJU’S Uses Data

BYJU’S Parent Connect App

BYJU’S also shares this data with parents via the BYJU’S Parent connect app. It keeps parents updated on their child’s progress and performance. The parent connect app keeps track of:

  • The amount of time spent by the child on the app.
  • List of achievements and the subjects that need improvement.
  • Test and progress report.
  • And a detailed knowledge graph of the child.

The report also highlights how BYJU’s analyzes aggregate data.

BYJU’S also analyzes aggregate data of all the students studying on its platforms. For example, if many students are having trouble with the same chapter or even a similar type of question, BYJU’S system sends an alert to the concerned team to add more explanatory videos or to add more content.

 To sum it up, BYJU’S is using data to transform the way kids learn. It is leveraging data and technology to make kids fall in love with learning.

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