How BYJU’S Treats its Employees amid the Pandemic

The second wave of COVID-19 impacted our lives by bringing a great deal of hardship and some of us even losing our loved ones. To fight the deadly disease and to cope up with the uncertainties, many companies have gone the extra mile to support the frontline workers and their employees. BYJU’S, the leading Edtech of India, launched a slew of initiatives to support its employees amid the deadly COVID‑19 outbreak. In these testing times, BYJU’S is treating its employees with utmost care and assisting and helping them manage their health and mental well-being.

How did BYJU’S treat its Employees amid the Covid-19 pandemic?

The Edtech firm has made collective efforts such as the CEO’s COVID Relief fund, employee wellbeing programs, COVID privilege leaves, and free vaccination drives to safeguard the health and safety of all the employees.

BYJU’S CEO’s COVID Relief Fund for Employees:

Mr. Byju Raveendran, Founder & CEO at BYJU’S, announced a ₹20 Crore CEO’s COVID relief fund to cover COVID-related medical emergencies for BYJUites and their families. Employees at BYJU’S, who may have contracted the deadly virus, can reimburse up to ₹5 Lakhs for their medical expenses and hospitalization costs from the COVID relief fund. This initiative was taken in order to give hope and support to them during these depressing days.

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BYJU’S COVID Vaccination Drive for Employees:

Good health brings good wealth. BYJU’S had made sure to meet its employees’ good health by organizing a free PAN India vaccination drive for the 18 + age group. To help its employees with their healthcare needs, BYJU’S has collaborated with several medical service providers to offer a safe and hassle-free corporate vaccination drive. Thus far, the Edtech has vaccinated more than 4000 employees, with more underway.

Paid Leave for BYJU’S Employees:

The Edtech startup, earlier this year, has announced additional paid leaves in their leave policy for COVID-related emergencies. In a letter to BYJUites, Mr. Byju Raveendran has urged employees to take paid time off in case they or their family members get infected with the virus and are hospitalized. All they need to do is to reach out to their team heads or HR in case of emergency.

BYJU’S Employee Wellness Programs | BYJU’S Let’s Talk & others: 

BYJU’S cares for their employees’ mental wellbeing along with their physical health. Though the ‘work from home’ option seems satisfying, it has its own pros and cons. The BYJU’S Let’s Talk program in association with YourDOST was an initiative to provide emotional support and comfort to those who have been struggling with anxiety, depression, work stress, and whatnot. With an option to initiate one‑on-one online counseling (via chat or video or audio) with emotional wellness coaches, employees can receive self-assessment tests and wellness resources. BYJU’S also treats its employees’ welfare by conducting other well-being programs such as yoga, virtual workout sessions, diet tips, annual medical check-ups regularly. 

Various employees at BYJU’S have come forward to serve the community by providing essential medical needs. A PAN India effort, which started with 20 employees and now has over 250 employees are working continuously to help people with medical requirements.

Initiatives such as these will encourage BYJUites and provide them a sense of relief and a feeling that their organization stood by them during such difficult times. What is your take on this? Let us know in the comments.

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