Can I Study For GATE at Home? 2022 Latest BYJU’s GATE Preparation at Home Tips

Knock, knock! The 2022 GATE dates are almost at the doorstep. Have you created a full-fledged preparation strategy yet? If not, our latest BYJU’s GATE preparation at home tips is going to come in handy. 

2022 GATE Exams Are Near – Are You Ready?

GATE, the General Aptitude Test in Engineering is the gateway to admission in the prestigious IITs and NITs for every engineering aspirant and undergraduate in India. Every year, tens of lakhs of candidates from both central and state-level boards appear for this aptitude test with the ultimate goal to become the Satish Dhawans and E. Sreedharans of this generation. 

However, the real challenges that the majority of students in India face while prepping for competitive exams such as GATE, UPSC, CTET, etc. Worry not, the all-new BYJU’s GATE preparation at home tips and advice is going to help you devise an effective study plan. Continue reading to find out how:

GATE Preparation at Home by BYJU’s – Brief Overview & Benefits

There’s hardly any substitute for self-studying at home; however, the lack of top-tier study material, model question papers, and similar resources may leave a significant gap in your GATE preparations. Keeping that in mind, BYJU’s has devised an all-in-one GATE preparation course that you can join from the comfort of your study room.  Here are the key benefits, due to which the all-inclusive BYJU’s GATE preparation at home course might just be the best option for you:

1. Comprehensive Online Sessions

The core purpose behind BYJU’s GATE courses is to make you 100% exam ready. In this regard, their online classes cover the entire curriculum for your engineering stream, be it ME, ECE, CSE, CE, or EE. BYJU’s also employs the best teaching faculty in India, which further states that the teaching experience is always top-notch at their courses. 

2. Best-in-class Model Question Papers and Mock Tests

BYJU’s offers you study notes and supportive PDF materials to stay on track, like every other at-home online coaching service. So, what sets them apart? Let’s find out:

The BYJU’s GATE preparation at home course also helps you prepare better on your own in the following ways: 

  • Access to 750+ quizzes and practice question papers for better preps 
  • Appear for their GATE mock test series to evaluate your progress, 
  • The mock tests also help you improve time management, speed, accuracy, etc.

3. In-depth Understanding of Core Concepts

Every BYJU’s online class offers such an enriched learning experience because of its “two-teacher” advantage; here, a pair of academic experts lead every class to maintain a steady flow. As one teacher helps in teaching the subjects while the other actively clears any student doubts, the understanding of core concepts becomes much easier for the students.

Summing It Up

The BYJU’s GATE preparation at home course is the best supplemental study solution for your 2022-23 GATE preps at cost. Apart from being the #1 ed-tech institution in India, the positive testimonials of lakh of students speak for the organization’s pedagogy and credibility, when it comes to competitive exam preps.

Click here to learn more about BYJU’s GATE courses, fees, and other details.

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