BYJU’S Parent Club – Here’s how parents can help children take charge of their learning journey

BYJU’s Parent Club is one of the most excellent answers to the “new normal.” In this period, your children’s education has been altered with virtual, remote interaction. As a working parent, you may be in constant turmoil about the progress of your children’s schooling.

Getting a holistic education online is essential for the child’s overall growth. As an excellent answer for this, BYJU’s, with its BYJU’s Parent Club, flagged off its second webinar recently on September 2, 2021. It talks about how parents can help their children accomplish their learning goals.

When did BYJU’s Parent Club start?

It is an effort to foster a thriving and close connection between parents and a knowledge-sharing app. Indeed, it was led by a distinguished TEDx speaker, education expert, Chetna Vasishtha. Her address to the webinar was informative, with admiration from all parent bloggers and influencers.

Yes, an impressive start was necessary. There was an ice-breaker activity for all the participants to know each other. Interestingly, it was similar to dubbing the activity “Where in the world…?” there was an encouragement to introduce themselves, as per the geographical location in the video tile.

How does the BYJU’S Parent Club help students?

It includes parents from different parts. Since the students are now undergoing online classes, it becomes difficult for them to concentrate. There are more video conferencing apps as a standard to connect with others. The trending phenomenon by the Education Expert, the activities establishes the idea that learning can take place anywhere. And more particularly, in any medium!

Yes, there are undoubtedly different types of learning styles. But, as far as the subject is concerned for the children, parents can encourage and give ownership to their children over their learning process. Also, the webinar was then allied with the know-how of different parenting experiences with the various teaching methodologies of the parents.

BYJU’s Parent Club

Online Education: Still, Why BYJU’S Parent Club is essential?

Physical Presence makes a lot of difference for your child

Parents’ involvement in their child’s education plays a vital role in shaping their mindset, especially in virtual classes. Yes, kids know that teachers are not there to supervise them, so, as a parent, encourage them to concentrate on the class.

Motivation and Encouragement

As a parent, you are the only one who can change your child’s etiquettes for good! It would help if you always taught them the habits of maintaining discipline in studies and the morals of a good life. If they face issues while understanding the concepts, make sure their doubts are apparent in the following classes.

Parent-child relation is essential in the “new normal.”

You must be sharing a unique relationship with your child. The BYJU’S Parent Club provides like-minded parents from different regions to come together to benefit their children’s education. Encouragement, support, and motivation- all are pillars for your child’s education system now. In this new normal, staying in deep touch with your kid’s learning skills will be a great idea.


Children have a fresh mind. So, they need to believe that education lies around them, anywhere and anytime! As a parent, you might not be able to grasp the learnings of the lessons immediately, but they will undoubtedly have a meaningful impact later. So, start encouraging your child now for a new education learning approach – virtually!

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