BYJU’S Online Coaching: Everything You Should Know

The pandemic and the social distancing norms to contain the pandemic has disrupted our daily routines, lifestyle, how we learn, and how we work.  Over the last two years, everything has become digital and online. While many firms are just catching on to the trend, BYJU’S online coaching has been comfortably ahead of the competition for about a decade now with over 4 crore active users.

There are multiple advantages of opting for remote online education with BYJU’S for your kid. Most importantly, it offers courses for all students studying between classes 1-12 for ISC, as well as CBSE. BYJU’S online coaching has built itself a name also because of the exam-prep courses it offers for competitive exams like IAS, NEET and IIT-JEE.

BYJU’S online coaching
Online coaching education training, workshops and courses

Advantages of learning at BYJU’S:

Two-Teacher Advantage: The faculty for BYJU’S online coaching programs are assigned such that – two teachers are always available in every session. While one of them is responsible for solving doubts instantly, the other works on providing conceptual clarity and regular education in the classroom. Research data collected by BYJU’S also proves that students focus better and have richer interactions with this method.

BYJU’S Methodology: BYJU’S has adopted many innovative methods with the help of technology which has ensured that it stays ahead of the competition. They make use of interactive and simulated classrooms to provide an immersive learning experience for students. Students get to learn through hands-on approach and gather communication skills by interacting with other students and teachers alike through features like whiteboards and ‘raise hand’ function.

Innovation, Interaction and Personalization: BYJU’S online coaching adopts novel methods to boost the learning process which includes assessing a student’s capability to create personalized learning journeys with the help of analytics. It helps students in retaining their knowledge for a long time through its audio-visual content and assigns personal mentors – who help students by providing guidance and feedback with the help of quizzes, mock tests and homework.

Courses Offered and Fees Charged

  • The math and science courses offered by BYJU’S for classes 4-10 cost Rs. 26,000 for the full package, yearly.
  • The comprehensive courses for kids between classes 1-3 are offered at Rs. 3,333.33, on a monthly subscription basis.
  • BYJU’S IAS 2023 (Pre & Mains) Online Classroom Program (both, English & Hindi) are offered at Rs. 11,100.
  • Aakash BYJU’S Live Online Classes for Class 12 and JEE 2023 are offered in English and Hindi at Rs. 85,000.


All features offered here have been innovatively developed by BYJU’S in-house R&D and content development team. The students that perform exceptionally well in the BYJU’S National Aptitude test are eligible for 100% scholarships. Visit BYJU’S website to learn more about the recent fees, courses and exclusive study programs.


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