BYJU’S Olympiad Guide & its Benefits

Olympiads, otherwise known as Olympiad Exams, are a series of competitive exams for students studying between classes 1 to 12. They are both held at the national and international levels. These exams allow students to assess their knowledge level in a particular subject in comparison to their peers. Top performers get offered lucrative awards and scholarships.  BYJU’s Olympiad Guide helps you with preparing for these prestigious exams. 

How Olympiad Exams Benefit Students?

  • Conceptual Clarity: Olympiad exams are all about getting the concept right. It is only when the concepts are clear, the students master the subject. Conceptual understanding serves as the basis of gaining a good grip over the topics. 
  • Competitiveness: It helps students cultivate a competition mindset. While students have to constantly appear in various competitive exams in due course of their studies and careers, Olympiad Exam help them to face such exams. 
  • Helps Boost Self-confidence: Appearing in such examsboost and increase the self-confidence of the students.  BYJU’s Olympiad Course Guide gives them an edge in preparation for these exams.
  • Encourages Self-learning: With BYJU’S Olympiad Online Learning Guide, students can learn at their own pace and at their own place of convenience. 
  • Boosts Academic Performance: All Olympiad exams are based on the existing school syllabus. Students are meant to study the same topics for the Olympiads that they learn in school. Those who practice for Olympiads end up scoring well in their regular school and board exams.
  • Helps to Think Out-of-the Box: The problems and questions in the Olympiad Exams encourage students to look at questions/problems from different angles and explore multiple ways of solving them. 
  • Improves Reasoning Ability:  Most subjects in the Olympiad Exams include logical reasoning as one of its important segments. This segment improves the problem-solving ability of the students, e.g.,  problems or questions on number series, alphabet sequences, and so on. 

Benefits of BYJU’s Olympiad Guide

All the information you require:

  1. Eligibility.
  2. Last date
  3. How to register
  4. Study Materials
  5. Online Resources
  6. Previous Question Papers.
  7. Solved Answers.

About BYJU’S

BYJU’S offers exam-prep guidance and coaching to students who prepare for Olympiads across all subjects. Additionally, they also offer courses for various other competitive exams like NEET, JEE, GATE and so on. BYJU’S is also a pioneer in introducing the K-12 learning app which is used by millions of students all over India.

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