BYJU’s NEET Course for 2021 NEET Preparation – Everything You Need to Know

Lakhs of students appear for the NEET exams every year to gain admission for MBBS, BDS, and PG courses from top Indian medical institutions; sadly, only a small fraction make it to these top institutes.  It is a very competitive space.  BYJU’s NEET courses offer advanced online coaching at an affordable price point to help students with their NEET preparations.

E-learning is the new normal, folks. The pressure of the 2021 NEET exams could be nerve-wracking for many students, especially in this post-pandemic scenario. However, BYJU’s has completely revolutionized how students learn online and as their tagline says “make students fall in love with learning”. Students have come to trust this platform more for NEET preparations with every passing year for good reasons, as we will see below.

About BYJU’s NEET Course

Multiple platforms available on the market today offer online courses; however, BYJU’s NEET course seems like the only one that can boast reliability. BYJU’s is India’s #1 EdTech company, has a 10‑year-long legacy with over 35 million registered users to date. 

All BYJU’s digital courses are specially designed to make sure no student is left behind. Additionally, this platform features topical video lectures and explanations for all updated chapters and syllabus according to board guidelines.

Why Should You Choose BYJU’s NEET Course?

BYJU’s offers some exclusive features to ace your NEET testswhich are discussed below:

Full-Length Tests

Mock tests always help in preparing yourself for the real experience, be it NEET or IIT-JEE. The BYJU’s NEET learning program lets students take 400 chapter-based tests, alongside mentoring after every such test taken. The best part yet? You also get access to a vast bank of previous years’ question banks and mock papers to prepare well. 

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is really helpful for those having trouble understanding difficult concepts. Oftentimes, students get stuck but do not understand the level at which the problem requires solving. At BYJU’s, you get access to at least two mentors together at all times for such scenarios. The BYJU’s NEET programs always break every concept into smaller bits customized for each student.  The students can now learn at their own pace.

BYJU's NEET Course for 2021 NEET Preparation
Serious student reading online data or carrying out test at lesson

Analyzing your progress 

Naturally, after a long period of focused effort, students would like to know how they are doing. Through this feature on BYJU’s app, students can get real-time mentoring and comments about their progress through analytics made available to them. Additionally, you get personalized feedback, in‑depth solutions, and adaptive tests. Students can use this to address their areas of weakness and make significant improvements.


Even though multiple apps claim to offer reliable help in preparing for NEET, BYJU’s NEET course is by far the best of them and stood the test of time. The exclusive features it provides make it stand out from competitors – as has been seen above.

To learn more about the best 2021 BYJU’s deals for NEET prep, click here.

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