BYJU’S CAT Review: Key Benefits and Features of the BYJU’S CAT Coaching App

BYJU’S App Review on CAT

(Common Admission Test) is a management admission test covering 156 cities. Each year, thousands of candidates take the CAT exam. In India, one must pass this test to gain admission into 20 IIMs and over 1,200 business schools. Preparatory courses for this exam are available both online and offline.

When preparing for one of the most competitive exams in the country, you need to be thorough and well prepared to pass the test. So, this post will help you decide about BYJU’s CAT coaching program on the app by describing its features, benefits, and offerings. Let us jump in!  

BYJU’S CAT Review: Key Features of BYJU’S CAT Coaching

Since 2015, BYJU’S learning app has changed the way people learn. The app contains video lessons on all CAT topics to assist candidates in preparing more effectively. The ed-tech sector noticed the app’s launch, and it revolutionized traditional learning.

The following key feature points in this BYJU’S CAT Prep Course will help you understand why BYJU’S is the best coaching for CATs and your guide in acing CAT.

  • The best CAT trainers in India and a serial CAT toppers lead the way for CAT training
  • Exclusive CAT study materials developed by India’s top experts
  • Conceptual visualizations
  • Access to CAT notes, PDFs, and study materials with ease
  • A combination of shortcut methods that incorporates the BYJU’S URL technique
  • Sessions of mentoring and clarification of doubts

Benefits of CAT Coaching Classes

Here are the key benefits of CAT coaching with BYJU’S CAT Prep Course:

  • Ensures focused and organized study. Mentors always monitor the progress of each student and keep motivating them.
  • It provides the best study material and guidance on relevant topics, exam patterns, and ways to solve numerical and analytical questions for the CAT.
  • It is easier to clarify doubts when teachers are present to guide the aspirants rather than struggling alone and trying to figure things out.
  • It provides candidates with practice CAT mock tests to prepare them.
  • Experts provide candidates with their performance analysis to let them know their strengths and weaknesses. Experts and mentors help establish the future course of action by identifying the weaker sections.

Features of BYJU’S Learning App

BYJU’s CAT course is high quality and customized to each student’s individual needs which makes indispensable for fulfilling your IIM dreams.

Here are some salient features:

  • There are video lectures by the country’s top CAT trainers
  • It provides students with over 200 practice tests and 20 mock tests to familiarize themselves with the actual CAT.
  • You will learn several innovative tips to understand the important concepts and improve your skills 
  • Every student gets a mentor to assist them in clearing their doubts as early as possible


BYJU’S is India’s #1 EdTech company that offers excellent exam prep courses. In this BYJU’S CAT Review, you’ve learned that the learning app offers significant features, benefits, and offerings that help students ace their CAT exams. Now, it’s time to use it to your advantage.

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