BYJU’S Announces the Launch of Innovation Hub, ‘BYJU’S Lab’

BYJU’S Announces the Launch of Innovation Hub, ‘BYJU’S Lab’

Over the past few years, The Indian Ed-tech sector has witnessed tremendous growth. Though already a leader in the content and learning space, BYJU’S has taken a step forward by announcing the launch of BYJU’S Lab. This ed-tech giant is now concentrating on becoming a thought leader by utilizing technology in the education segment.

BYJU’S Lab is an innovation hub based in the UK, US, and India. It was launched with the vision of shaping the future of education. This new venture focuses on creating technological solutions which promote and build systems that facilitate and enhance BYJU’S methods. Dev Roy, The Corporate Chief Innovation and Learning Officer will be heading the innovation hub.

Through the combination of computation, data, and technology, this ed-tech giant wants to maximize the reach of education. It aims at making digital learning more engaging, interactive, and personalized for students. The innovation hub will focus on providing cutting-edge technologies; developing innovative ideas; and delivering breakthrough solutions across BYJU’S ecosystem of learning products.

In simple terms, BYJU’S Lab is an initiative to bring deeper democratization and personalization to students’ learning journeys. Roy thinks that children are multimodal, some children like to watch videos while others like to do problem sets. In terms of personalization; with the help of technology the innovation hub wants to find ways for students to meet multimodal needs without changing a child’s preferred learning mode or environment. As for democratizing education, the lab is developing a system that will enable children in remote locations to access the same technology-assisted learning as offered in major cities around the world.

BYJU’S Announces the Launch of Innovation Hub

Roy also added that there are two success indicators for BYJU’S Lab. One is the ability to achieve business‑oriented goals of personalization and democratization in education. The achievement of Halo goals is the second success indicator, which is when people will recognize BYJU’S as a pioneer in the use of AI and ML in education.

This ed-tech giant is also looking for talent across the UK, US, and India for its new venture. BYJU’S plans on hiring artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) professionals who will analyze the learning habits of children. This innovation hub will also open up employment opportunities for freshers and experienced professionals from AI and ML fields.

The launch of BYJU’S Lab corresponds to the company’s mission to create a powerful learning experience by leveraging technology. With BYJU’S Lab, the company focuses on making innovation real and relevant for BYJU’S users thereby positively impacting the learning experiences of children across the world.

BYJU’S through its venture is working towards creating a way for geography agnostic learning tools which are at the crossroads of mobile, interactive content, and methodology.

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