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The best online coaching for GMAT — Graduate Management Admission Test tailors for students interested in getting into Masters of Business Administration — MBA programs abroad or top business schools in India. BYJU’S GMAT Online Coaching aims to assess a student’s writing ability, problem-solving abilities, data sufficiency, logic, etc., which are essential for success in the business world.

Cracking the GMAT exams is not a simple task. Fortunately, taking it becomes more straightforward with the proper preparation, guidance, and tutoring by BYJU’S online coaching offered by CareerLabs. You’ll find this post helpful if you’re confused about the best online coaching for GMAT. It’ll provide you with details on the features, benefits, highlights, and resources to make an informed decision. Now let’s dig in. 

Highlights and Features of BYJU’S Online Coaching

Here are the key highlights and features of BYJU’S GMAT Online Coaching by CareerLabs:

  • It has over 3500 test practice modules, 150 hours of video tutorials, and live classes, making it the best online resource for self-study 
  • BYJU’S provides a combined 190+ hours of preparation, making it a top-notch program for students 
  • From basic concepts to high-level concepts, Indian teachers tailor the best content, especially for Indian students
  • It has the best tutors with ISB Alumnus, 780 GMAT scorers with over eight years of experience who have developed an innovative method of teaching concepts
  • Provides individualized attention from talented teachers to help you succeed

BYJU’S also has two phases to enhance your expertise:

  • In phase one, you complete several practice tests and live sessions, analyze performance in mock trials, evaluate CVs, and set up with the right school
  • Phase two comprises GMAT live webinars, whereby BYJU’S will assist with the final selection of the institution, the writing of the profile and story, and summarizing CVs and other documents. It has over 700 exercise questions and 20 (2-hour) online webinars

Benefits of BYJU’S GMAT Online Coaching:

Here are the key benefits of BYJU’S GMAT Online Coaching offered by CareerLabs:

  • Enhanced Flexibility — If you have a full schedule, you don’t want a restriction on the week’s fixed class time. You can study classes whenever and wherever you like.
  • Targeted Approach —use tools customized to your needs and address your weak areas. Lessons are divided by topic to help you find what you need.
  • Quality Content—Using video lessons from BYJU’S GMAT Online Coaching gives students access to premium content without hassle.

Besides these benefits, there are two free resources on the website, including:

  • Reading Comprehension: It’s most challenging to understand a passage, answer tricky questions, and figure out demanding answers. The free video resource will show how you will resolve these issues. 
  • Sentence Correction: The GMAT sentence correction question is challenging since you can’t read the answer and pick the best choice that sounds right. It tests more grammar points. Hence, it would help if you were systematic, which this free resource provides.


BYJU’S is an Indian ed-tech giant that provides original online content for GMAT and numerous other competitive exams. As mentioned above, BYJU’S GMAT Online Coaching by CareerLabs offers some of the best features and benefits to help you succeed in your endeavor to get admitted to some of best B-schools globally and in India. 

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