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For the most part, any individual who considered pursuing a career in civil services would have questioned if the UPSC exam is very tough. Well, the truth is factors like syllabus, exam pattern, pass percentage, diverse subjects and preparation time contribute to the toughness of the UPSC exam. And its very nature demands sustained preparation given the fact that the examination cycle lasts for a year.

Therefore, to meet the rigorous requirements of the UPSC preparation – it becomes necessary for candidates to opt for coaching classes. And the advancement in technology and evolution of knowledge delivery systems have made it possible for BYJU’S to provide quality IAS coaching to aspirants, especially the ones in non-metro cities. Let’s check out what the 3 coaching modules i.e., online classroom program, offline classroom program and tablet program have to offer:

Features of BYJU’S Online & Offline Classroom Program:

  • Candidates can either choose a weekend or weekday slot as per their convenience
  • Access to 500+ hours of video lectures which can be replayed anytime/anywhere
  • Instant doubt resolution after the session and weekly/fortnightly unit tests to check a candidate’s preparedness

Features of BYJU’S Tablet Program:

  • Access to engaging 500+ hours of video lectures delivered by India’s leading IAS trainers which can be used by the candidate to learn at their own pace.

Why Should You Choose BYJU’S IAS Coaching?

  • The UPSC course syllabus is delivered by India’s leading IAS trainers and all Indian ranking are provided on the same to test their preparedness and improve their performances.
  • Each student is assigned a mentor who’ll create personalized study plans, solve your doubts and follow up on your progress on a regular basis.
  • 250+ chapter-wise tests with analysis
  • Extensive coverage of the UPSC syllabus along with 20 + 15 test series for prelims and mains exams respectively.
  • Provision of guidance for interviews with the help of personality development programs and mock interviews conducted by serving bureaucrats.
  • Access to a comprehensive study material that includes subjects like Polity, History, Ethics and Integrity
  • Access to the student portal for practice tests, monthly magazines on current affairs, and  recorded sessions of webinars
  • Involve in discussions, and debates, and receive updates regarding topics in major newspapers and magazines.
  • Special lectures on the Union Budget, Economic Survey, and the India Year Book.
  • Module-based tests on a regular basis, discussions on UPSC question papers, personalised analysis and feedback.

For students who prefer self-studying, BYJU’S provides free online coaching for UPSC through their IAS Prep website. They also provide a comprehensive coverage of the syllabus and you’ll never have to refer to another source for your preparation, visit BYJU’S today!

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