Benefits of BYJU’S IAS Tablet Program

In the beginning, books were the only means of gaining knowledge. But now thanks to the internet and technological advancements, they aren’t the only resources available. The syllabus for the IAS exam is extremely vast; without proper resources and expert guidance, students find themselves at sea when referring to relevant books and study material because of the plethora of resources that the internet has to offer which is filled with never-ending material.

Therefore, BYJU’S has curated a tablet program with relevant study material and news articles to help aspirants avoid wasting their time and focus on what’s useful for the UPSC exam preparation. Let’s check out what the BYJU’S IAS tablet program has to offer.

  • Video Lessons: BYJU’S tablet program enables candidates to access 500+ hours of engaging video lessons that consist of comprehensive coverage of the IAS syllabus delivered by India’s leading IAS trainers. The best feature of this program is that it allows students to learn at their own pace in their own time.
  • One-on-one Mentoring: A dedicated mentor is assigned to each student who will help make personalized study plans, monitor a student’s progress, resolve their doubts, and follow up on their progress regularly.
  • Test Series: The tablet program consists of 20 + 15 sectional, modular and full-length tests with respect to both prelims and mains. It includes fortnightly tests and unit tests as well along with performance analysis and all India ranking after each test.
  • Interview Preparation: Candidates will get interview guidance through mock interviews conducted with the help of retired/serving bureaucrats. They will also get to be a part of the personality development program that focuses on training candidates for IAS interviews.
  • Subjects: The comprehensive study material will consist of topics from subjects like Polity, Ethics, Integrity, Ancient and Modern History, etc.
  • Student Portal: The BYJU’S tablet program allows candidates to access previous year’s prelims and mains-based test question papers, recorded sessions of webinars, magazines, and current affairs. Students also get to be a part of debates, involve in discussions, and receive regular updates regarding the topics in newspapers and magazines.

Currently, BYJU’S continues to dominate the education sector with its comprehensive course curriculum which is subscribed by 3 million paid users and 40 million overall users. The best part of the tablet program which is available in both Hindi and English mediums is that it allows candidates to access quality education from the comfort of their homes without requiring them to travel for many kilometers every day. Visit BYJU’S to start preparing for your IAS exam today.

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